90-day Accelerated Career Program

300 Total, 50 Multi-Engine, Career Options Available Now!


Pilot School in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Main Courses:

Private Pilot

40-50 days


Instrument Rating

30-45 days


Commercial Pilot

90 days


(300 flight hours)


5-7 days

Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane
Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument
Multi-Engine Instructor

30-60 days

(Contact us for details)


Multi-Engine Time Building

Minimum 10 hour blocks
Prices as low as $100/hour

Part 135 Experience

Single engine time building

Airplane rentals

Biannual Flight Review

Instrument Proficiency Check

Bahamas Orientation Course

High Altitude Endorsement

High Performance Endorsement

Complex Endorsement

Introductory Flights

*Course prices include all FAA required flight hours and full ground school. Prices are based on WTI.

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International Students Welcome

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Comprehensive Training Focused on the
Career-Minded Pilot

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Less Time - Lower Investment

The IFTA 90-day Accelerated Flight Program Delivers:

  • 300 Hours of flight training
  • 50 hours of Multi-Engine flight time
  • 114 hours of 1-on-1 classroom instruction
  • From Start through Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Multi-Engine Rating with High Performance Endorsement
  • Instrument Rating
  • Best Industry Price


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IFTA Advantage

Located in sunny, beautiful Fort Lauderdale, situated on the Eastern seaboard of South Florida, Integrated Flight Training Academy at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport takes pride in delivering the highest quality flight training available to prepare you for your commercial pilot career.

Our industry-unique program offers a faster, more affordable choice in quality flight training. Designed to meet the training needs of those seeking a professional pilot career, our 90-day Accelerated program delivers comprehensive training at lower costs and in less time than our competitors.

A Focus on Quality & Quantity

Quality drives everything we do. Quality separates us from other flight school alternatives. You will enjoy the following benefits without sacrificing quality that supports your path to your career in the Aviation industry as a professional pilot.

  • Short training time—you will meet licensing requirements in only 90 days
  • Low costs—IFTA affordable rates are among the lowest in the industry
  • Intensive training—anyone willing to commit to the IFTA program will be thoroughly prepared for the next level: a commercial pilot career
  • Certified Flight Instructors—with over 75 years of combined experience, IFTA professional instructors are among the most highly qualified in the aviation industry
  • Personalized training—IFTA promises you will receive equal priority throughout your training. IFTA guarantees diligent attention to your individual development
  • Plentiful resources—IFTA ensures you are fully engaged in opportunities for quality instruction and maximum flying time
  • Job preparedness—IFTA recognizes your career ambitions and prepares you for excellence in aviation


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