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90-day Accelerated Career Program

300 Total, 50 Multi-Engine, Career Options Available Now!


A Faster, More Affordable Path to Your Commercial Pilot Career

Accelerate. The IFTA 90-day accelerated flight program puts you in the cockpit without delay. In just 90 days, you receive a commercial pilot’s license, including instrument rating and multi-engine privileges.

Variety of Resources

Make the Most of Your Time. Unlike other flight schools, we have an ample supply of planes—you will fly at least 4 different airplanes—and instructors to accommodate your desire for an active, quality instructional program that supports your career ambitions.

Dedicated Instructors

Highly Trained Professional Instructors. Certified Flight Instructors with over 75 years of combined experience provide personal attention during in-class and in- air instruction to ensure you are prepared for a career in aviation.


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A Complete Training Experience

IFTA combines classroom training and real- world flying through comprehensive certification and endorsements designed to launch your commercial pilot career in less time at affordable rates.

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A Personal

An active, yet intimate training environment fosters quality student-instructor time and more personalized attention for highly productive sessions.

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An Enjoyable

IFTA creates a fun, safe and exciting experience that motivates learning and prepares you for your pilot’s career.

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300 Hours!!! 50 Multi-Engine!! Commercial Single-Engine, Commercial Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating and Private License. All in 90 Days!


International Students Love IFTA’s 90-Day Accelerated Flight Training Program.

Our 90-Day Accelerated Program is specially designed for international students.

Student Housing

Less time, lower expense. Affordable housing is available for international students.


“This is the best school to build Multiengine flight time. Once I added my Multiengine on to my Private Pilot's License (in just 6 hours), I logged 80 hours of PIC Multiengine for just $5,000!!! Show me any other school that offers that!!!! Thank you so much IFTA for preparing me for my Aviation career at the best price!”


September 15, 2016

“IFTA has great accelerated programs. I remember thinking the 90-day Commercial course was just a sales pitch, but boy was I wrong!! IFTA always has airplanes and instructors available when I want to fly. I got my Commercial Pilot wings in 89 days because IFTA's entire staff showed me consistent care and attention throughout my training. It's not just a license IFTA gave me. I have an exciting perspective of Aviation and a lot of camaraderie! I never expected to be treated so well!!”


February 1, 2016

"Some time ago I made the important decision to become a pilot. Because of this reason, I gave myself the meticulous task of finding a qualified and competent academy that could give me the knowledge and develop my potential and skills as a future safe pilot, in the shortest possible time and in the most effective and professional way. That is how I met the IFTA proposal. After spending a few months with IFTA, I already have my private pilot certificate. IFTA fulfills all my requirements and more, since I am currently on the right track to achieve my goal of becoming an Instrument Rated and Multi-engine Commercial Pilot, with the great possibility of developing myself professionally in the aviation sector.
Contemplating the world from above made me see another perspective of myself. Changes are possible! IFTA changed my life, and can change yours too. You just have to decide to do it, and IFTA will provide the means for you to achieve it as well I did it. I look forward to continue growing in knowledge and experience with IFTA so I can became the best version of myself with freedom, respect and commitment. Thanks to the great team of aviation professionals and professors offered by IFTA, today I can say with great confidence that in a very short time I will be able to achieve all my dreams. Thank you IFTA team for this great opportunity!!!"


June 25, 2017


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